Pilates for the People

Weekly Online Schedule

Healthy Spines

Mondays 6 pm CST

Build a healthy spinal support system while experiencing in-depth embodied anatomy for your mental and physical wellbeing.

55 minutes

Props are optional but encouraged: 1-2 yoga blocks & small massage ball

Rise & Shine

Tuesdays at 8 am CST & Fridays at 7 am CST

Early morning rise & shine class to get ready for your day. Ease into your day with breathwork, invigorating movement, and gentle stretches.

55 minutes

Props are optional but encouraged: a yoga block & a long band

Work Sh*t Out

Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays at 11:30 am CST

This express lunchtime Pilates class is a speedy half-hour of core conditioning, isometric holding, and working sh*t out through movement.

30 minutes

Props are optional but encouraged: a yoga block & a long band

This class is for professional movement artists with a foundation of anatomical knowledge. This class offers Pilates-based somatic exploration and investigation of the body.


Props of your choice are optional. Email emma@zemoves.com to sign up.


Pilates is a lifelong pursuit.

I've been working out with Emma and Mariusz for years both in and out of the studio—they're both the best and have taught me so much about body awareness. Pilates is a lifelong pursuit, and I'm thrilled to be on the journey with Emma and Mariusz!!!!


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