Move your body the way that works best for YOU...

...with the intention and purpose of easeful movement

Mariusz and Emma together founded ZE MOVES in 2018 believing that guiding each student to feel deeply into the body is incredibly empowering and effective in creating lasting benefits. While most sessions are currently virtual, we are currently taking a select few in-person private sessions in Lowertown Saint Paul, Minnesota.

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After years of believing that a "tighter" core would solve my back pain and instability, I was in more pain than ever.

A functional body is a Body that works for you...

As many dancers do, Emma began Pilates to help her improve her technique and prevent injuries. There was only one problem, after years of Pilates classes, she still had chronic back pain that limited the movement she was able to do.

After exploring more natural movement styles and extensive education in kinesthetic anatomy, she realized that while the core is a super important aspect of healthy alignment, the functionality of the feet, legs, and hips was integral to solving her persistent back pain.

Emma Fitzsimmons is a pilates and yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, freelance dancer, and producer. As a person with a hyper-mobile body, Emma has been practicing pilates since she was a young dancer as a way to find control in her movement, focus her mind, and avoid injuries. She began her formal Pilates training with Balanced Body movement analyst Amy Beversdorf in conjunction with her college education at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. At this time, she also completed her 200-hour Yoga teaching certification at CorePower Yoga.

In 2014, Emma moved to NYC and completed her full Balanced Body Pilates certification with Lesley Powell in the big apple. To augment her training, Emma studied with renowned anatomist Irene Dowd in kinesthetic anatomy, biomechanics, and movement analysis. Emma has been teaching for 9 years and has taught over 15,000 people during this period. With her students, Emma encourages a deep investigation into the mind and body in motion while emphasizing sound body mechanics in a light-hearted atmosphere.

As a constant learner, she has continuously explored channels to lead students towards heightened embodiment including breath-work, meditation, and natural movement styles. Most recently, Emma has been intrigued by the energy healing arts and received her Reiki I & II certification with Minka Brooklyn.



I used to believe that there was a hierarchy of muscles, and by turning certain muscles on and others off, I could be more structurally strong. This misinformed belief got me in trouble.

The body is a system...

For many people it is common to overuse your quads, but what happens when you don't use them enough? Well, I found out, one thing that can happen, a knee injury that kept me from dancing for several years.

From that experience, I learned that while isolating muscles can be beneficial at times, ultimately all muscles are good muscles and have their purpose. Now I always encourage a balanced approach to strength building as the best way to prevent injuries.

Mariusz Kujawski is a pilates teacher, freelance dancer, producer, and a total wizard in the kitchen. Originally from Poland, Mariusz was first introduced to movement in competitive ballroom dance in his hometown Tomaszow Mazowiecki. By the age of 16, Mariusz was awarded The Nations Icelandic Champion in Latin America Dance with his partner Gudni Osk as double champions. In 2008, Mariusz moved to Fergus Falls, MN where he began expanding his dance repertoire. He then went on to pursue his BA in Dance at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point where he began his Pilates training with Amy Beversdorf.

In 2014 Mariusz and Emma moved to NYC to pursue a career in dance. Upon arrival, Mariusz was scouted to teach at boutique studio New York Pilates, where he assisted in the development and growth of the company. Mariusz has guided over 20,000 students in group reformer classes and hundreds of hours of private sessions including celebrity clientele. Mariusz has extensive kinesthetic anatomy, biomechanics, and movement analysis training from Julliard anatomist Irene Dowd.

Mariusz threads his intuitive sense of creativity and humor into every Pilates session. Encouragement is a cornerstone of his teaching practice, but he absolutely does not let his students get away with poor form.

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